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THE free CNIC Reader app is the latest CNIC barcode scanner app. It will scan Computerized National Identity Card issued by NADRA Pakistan.

No need for expansive CNIC barcode scanner hardware. Now you can use your phone for CNIC barcode scanning.

Screenshot Image

It will retrieve data from CNIC after scanning the barcode present in the backside of CNIC.
Name (Urdu or Sindhi)
Father’s Name (Urdu or Sindhi)
Date of Birth
CNIC Number
Family Number

Screenshot Image

It is very fast and accurate. For best result use original CNIC or a good color copy. Note: it may not work with black and white copy.

This app will also verify with FBR TAX records and retrieve NTN info. Additionally, it will also check the number of SIMs registered with each telecom.

Also, CNIC numbers can be entered using a keyboard or Voice.

Easily transfer CNIC data by sharing using email/message.

Save CNIC info as a contact…

Screenshot Image

Download now app


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